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With natural tooth coloured fillings


With natural tooth coloured fillings

White Fillings in Wolverhampton

If you’re looking for high-quality, affordable ‘white fillings near me’ that can perfectly match your natural tooth colour, our team of skilled dental professionals in Wolverhampton are here to help you achieve a more natural look.

Whether you have a cavity that requires treating, or would just like to improve your smile by replacing existing silver fillings. book an appointment with Braces & Faces today.

`tooth Coloured Fillings Wolverhampton

White Fillings from £140

The Braces & Faces Dental team have many years experience practicing general, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments in Wolverhampton. As well as being regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we are also registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) ensuring you’re in safe hands at all times.

White Filling solutions & results

When dental plaque turns sugars into acid it causes a tooth to decay. This is when cavities develop on the top surface of the tooth and a filling is required. Traditionally, dentists have been treating cavities with mercury based amalgam fillings as they are reliable and extremely strong however, they can be unsightly when laughing and smiling.

At Braces & Faces we can now treat cavities with white fillings. They are just as effective and durable as the traditional silver fillings but are virtually undetectable. Made from composite materials, they are also known as tooth coloured fillings as the resin is available in a variety of natural tooth colour shades.

Patients can now smile with confidence and benefit with an improved smile at an affordable cost. Why not find out how you can change your old metal fillings to natural looking white fillings today. Call Braces & Faces Dental today.

Before white fillings

After white fillings

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White Fillings FAQs

Although amalgam or metal fillings can still be the right solution for some dental issues, it is possible to replace them with white fillings. You might want to ask your dentist about this if your amalgam fillings make you feel self-conscious about your smile. This cosmetic treatment can really make a difference in appearance, and is becoming more popular.

White or composite fillings are made from a mixture of different particles. Quartz, powdered glass, silica or other ceramic particles are combined in a resin base. The resulting combination can be coloured matched to your natural teeth, leaving you with a happy, gleaming smile.

White filling technology has advanced over the last decade and white fillings are now much stronger than they used to be. White composite filling material forms a firm bond with the edges of the teeth as well as the hollows. It offers a great combination of effective protection from tooth decay, and enhanced appearance.

Before your white filling treatment, your dentist will numb the tooth and surrounding area with a local anaesthetic. They will prepare your tooth, first removing any decay and previous fillings, and then cleaning it. The composite material will then be placed, and hardened under an ultra-violet light. A final polish will give the natural finished result you are looking for.

As well as protecting your teeth from tooth decay, white fillings give a really natural looking finish. Prices for white fillings at our Wolverhampton dental centre start at only £140.

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Wonderful treatment

Wonderful treatment and fantastic new tooth on my plate, thank you to my dentist Tania and the lovely helpful receptionists.


Never experienced better dental treatment

I have never experienced better dental treatment that is not only fully explained in simple terms but delivered with an enthusiasm that encourages me to also do my best.

Michael Derek Price

Very kind and understanding

I was terrified to visit the dentist after 12 years. I was treated with kindness and empathy and supported through my treatment, staff are very kind and understanding. I had to cancel some appointments due to work but they were quickly rearranged without problem, highly recommend.

Gail Hall

Friendly welcoming staff

Friendly welcoming staff. The Dental Surgeon made my 5yr olds first ever visit very comfortable, and an enjoyable experience.


I can not thank you all enough

I’m a very nervous patient to the point I can pass out on the way to appointments. I’ve had 2 appointments here with Rakesh and I’m so greatful for the professionalism, the calming manner I have been shown, I cannot thank you all enough. I can now walk myself to the practice without passing out and am so grateful. Everyone at the company have been amazing with me. Very highly recommended.

Laura Powney

Exceptional service

I visited Braces & Faces Dental Centre over the course of 6months, the service I received was exceptional and they care about their customers. Worth a visit for your dental needs 5/5 stars!

T Grant

Great, very thorough

I had a hygienist appointment and Liz and Donna were great, very thorough and made me feel at ease.


I felt in safe hands

Both Tanya and Shelby were professional and friendly. I felt in safe hands.

Nicholas Cotton

Excellent service

Excellent service as always everyone is very helpful and willing to accommodate individuals’ needs.